The average price in Hamilton is $540k, what does that get you in each area of Hamilton?

You hear that the average price is $540-550k, it’s always interesting to see just what that means in each area. From a townhouse in Ancaster to Century Brick in Central Hamilton check it out…

Ancaster:   17 LANDSCAPES Trail, Ancaster, L9K 0A1 $549,900Ancaster eg

Mountain:  32 Darlington Drive, Hamilton, L9C2L7  $549,800Mountain

West Hamilton:  276 HUNTER Street W, Hamilton, L8P 1S3 $549,900Hunter

Central Hamilton: 235 HOLTON Avenue S, Hamilton, L8M 2L8  $549,900holt

East Hamilton: 704 CENTRAL Avenue, Hamilton, L8K 1M4  $549,850East Ham

Stoney Creek: 162 HIGHLAND Road W, Hamilton, L8J 2S6  $549,000Highland.jpg

Waterdown: 128 HARNESWORTH Crescent, Waterdown, L0R 2H6 $549,900water

Dundas: 9 YORK Street, Dundas, L9H 1L3 $549,800Dundas

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